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In a world full of noise, Ad Blockers, & Banner Blindness… Influencer Marketing is fast becoming the single most effective & profitable form of advertising today.

In fact, a recent study showed Influencer Marketing to have 11X the ROI as compared to traditional advertising.

Yes, you read that correctly…


However, while Multi-Million dollar brands are being built on the back of this strategy every day…

We’ve seen less than 1% of Amazon sellers actively take part in this uniquely powerful strategy.

Which is exactly why we’ve built the only tool on the market design specifically to help Amazon sellers like you and & I leverage the massive authority of Influencers and turn that into more reviews, better rankings… and more sales (lots more sales)!

Here’s a bit of what you can expect when you begin leveraging Influencers to help build your Amazon business:

1. More 5 Star Reviews

When a known authority in your niche says something great about your product or brand, customers are exponentially more likely to say something great about you as well.

Remember high school? When the “popular kids” say someone is cool… they somehow (almost magically) are considered to be cool!

Just in this case, the popular kids are the influencers, and the person they call “cool” is your product!

It’s a strategy we like to call “authority hacking” … and it’s incredibly effective.

We’ve had OverGrowth users repost anywhere from double to 20X+ increase in 5 Star Reviews from this strategy alone!

2. Better Amazon Keyword Rankings

Here’s the thing about Influencer Marketing. When a known, liked & trusted authority in your market publicly endorses your product or brand, the traffic that follows through to your Amazon listing is exponentially more likely to convert into a sale.

Meaning that your sale conversion rate goes up… WAY UP!

And when your conversion rate goes up, so do your Amazon Keyword Rankings.

See, Amazon is on a constant mission to make more money.

In fact, in the OverGrowth office, we have a saying. Actually more like a mantra…

“When you make Amazon more money, you make more money.”

And when your conversion rate spikes along with your traffic from an Influencer Endorsement, Amazon does exactly what it thinks will make them more money…

They increase your Keyword Rankings!

This dominant strategy lands many of our OverGrowth users on page 1 for their most valuable key terms time & time again.

3. More Sales… LOTS MORE SALES!

Maybe it goes without saying, but when an Influencer makes the public recommendation for your product… sales go through the roof!

Combine that with the increased 5 Star Reviews, and Increased Keyword Rankings, and you’ve got what we affectionately call the “upward spiral of good”!

The only downside?

You may have trouble keeping your products in stock…

Which is ultimately a good problem to have right?

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