If you’re like us… you hate listing hijackers!

I mean, they are literally stealing our hard earned money, and in truth, we can’t believe Amazon hasn’t cracked down more on this nefarious practice.

That said…

It is what it is, and we as Amazon sellers need to do everything we can to protect our listings.

Which is why, here at OverGrowth, we’ve developed our industry exclusive “Hijacker Protection” module.

When you become a part of the overgrowth team, you’ll get immediate email & text notifications the second a hijacker lists a product on your listing, or worse… steals your buybox!


The faster you respond to a Hijacker (we recommend sending a strongly worded cease & desist) the more likely that hijacker is to vacate your listing – and never come back.

The best part?

There’s no additional charge for this service. You’ll get this 100% Free when you become a part of the OverGrowth team.

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