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We’re just going to say it…

Nobody likes spreadsheets. Nobody.


When we set out to create our Note Pinning Feature inside of OverGrowth, or what we just call “pinning”, we wanted to be able to make a note at any point along the graph timeline, for any reason.

And because this feature turned out so well for our Amazon business, and has saved us hours inside of boring spreadsheets, that we – and thousands of our current OverGrowth users – that we only use OverGrowth to track everything inside of our businesses.

Some of the ways we use the Note Pinning feature:

  • Every time we receive an influencer review
  • When we run out of, and replenish inventory
  • Lightning Deals
  • External advertising
  • Listing Changes
  • Performance Notifications
  • Promotions
  • ... and a ton more.

The OverGrowth Note Pinning Feature is literally only limited by your imagination, and will allow you to real-time track each and every action that happens inside of your Amazon business.

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