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How The Grade System Works

Amazon uses dozens of factors to rank your product in its search engine. Some of the most important changes you can make to increase your product's ranking are things that happen on your listing page. Your title, description, bullet points and everything in your listing detail plays a role in how you rank when people search for your keywords.

The OverGrowth On Page Analyzer examines your listing and determines areas that need improvement. Click on a section title to view more detail.

Your Amazon Product

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  • Title
  • Bullet Points
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Description
  • Images
  • Hi-Res Images
  • FBA?
The higher the rating, the higher the income will be.
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What Does Each Part Mean?


Your product's title is one of your most important opportunities to gain the attention of prospective customers. We'll analyze your title and compare it against the titles of thousands of products and give you tips on how you can improve it.


Your description should be a story; something that delivers your lead from inquiry to customer. We'll look at your description and recommend ways you can make it better.

Bullet Points

The bullet points you use to describe your product can hold a fair amount of characters. Find out if you are properly utilizing your bullet point space.


Images have one of the largest affects on conversion rates for product pages out of any other change. Purchasers want to see what they can't touch while shopping online and high quality images are a must.


We live in a review based economy and almost every purchasing decision online is affected by reviews. We'll take a look at what your data says about your product and how you can fix any issues..

Hi-res Images

High quality images are important to express the quality of your product (high). Ensure you're using as many as possible on your product page.


Your aggregate review score plays an important role in almost every aspect of your Amazon business. We'll analyze yours and tell you what you could be doing better.


Utilizing Amazon's fulfillment services provides the maximum opportunity for growing your Amazon business.

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